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Lauren Hammersley

Lauren Hammersley

Facts of Lauren Hammersley

Full Name: Lauren Hammersley
Gender: Female
Profession: Actress
Country: Canada
Horoscope: N/A
Net Worth$200,000
Birth PlaceCampbell River, British Columbia
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A Canadian-born actress Lauren Hammersley had received substantial notoriety from the 2010 horror film “Blood Mary”. Hammersley’s most recent works include Mr. D (2012-18) and Virgin River (2007). (2019). Having a recurring role in Orphan Black (2016-17) has increased her prominence. She has had 10 roles so far and has achieved success.

When was Lauren Hammersley born?

Hammersley was born in 1971 in British Columbia. She’s a Canadian citizen. In February 2021, Lauren, who is now 49 years old, stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall (175 cm).

Even though she is not transparent about the specifics of her family, she also shares a number of social media images of her parents on her social media pages.

What’s Lauren Hammersley Net Worth?

Having served in the Virgin River, the Canadian star has yet to be cast in any movies. As of now, there’s no more news about her future projects.

As of February 2021, Hammersley’s net worth is projected to be $200,000. The actress made her on-screen work debut in 2002 and starred in Mr. D, Orphan Black, and Virgin River in 2012. Acting is her primary source of income but she is also a keen photographer. Lauren receives a high-six-figure wage. She now lives in Toronto and spends her summer in Halifax.

Is Hammersley Married?

It seems like Lauren has not been vocal about her love life. Hammerdoodle has over 4K followers on Instagram and 4.7K followers on Facebook. Nobody would possibly know about the specifics of her personal life. In 2020, Canadian actress Lauren Hammersley will not be dating or married to someone else.

There is no official report on the dating story of an American actress or her married life and husband. During this whole time, there has been no knowledge that she has been having a boyfriend.

The Career of Lauren Hammersley

Hammersley is very low-key about her early career. Genevieve acted in productions such as John Doe and Kid Wild. (2009, video). Despite her notorious role as Bloody Mary, Hammersley was given plaudits for her acting skills. Besides acting, the Canadian actress has made important contributions to the industry.

In 2011, Lauren Hutton became the main cast member in the Canadian TV series Mr. D. (2012-18, 62 episodes). In this film, she can be seen alongside Gerry Dee, Jonathan Torrens, Booth Savage, and Bette MacDonald. Hammersley had developed a recurring role as Adele in Orphan Black (2016-17, 8 episodes).

Starting in 2019, Julia starred as Charmaine Roberts in twelve episodes of Virgin River starring Colin Lawrence, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Annette O’Toole, and Alexandra Breckenridge.